SINCE 2001

  • High end equipment.
  • Dedicated live rooms and drum-booth for live band recording.
  • Direction, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
  • Attention to detail.


  • Music recording, Mixing and Mastering.
  • Songwriting and Music Production.


  • No band, No worries..... Music arrangement, accompaniment and recording for your original songs.Complete Music Production with your vocals. Professionally Produced and Recorded.Carefully Mixed and Mastered


Australia's only Trident Room
  • Tailor built control room with purpose desiged schroeder diffuser, boasts a large mix position reflection free zone and superb monitoring .
  • World renowned Trident 80B vintage large format console (formerly owned by Mike Clink Guns n' Roses 'Lies', 'Appetite for Destruction', Survivor 'Eye of the Tiger',  Whitesnake 'Slip of the tongue', Megadeath 'Rust in peace'). - P&G faders. - 30-24-2-2 bussing. - Big, smooth & warm.
  • Pro Tools digital editing and mixing.
  • RME and Lucid converters.
  • Otari MTR 90 mkII 2" 24 track tape machine.
  • Ampex ATR102 1/4" 2 track master.
  • Monitoring by Elac, Tannoy and Auratone.
  • Large selection of outboard dynamics and effects.
  • TT bantam patching thoughout.
  Critical listening, mixing and mastering in the crucial stages of your production.


Owned and operated by session musician, songwriter, music producer & mix engineer Jason Teo with over 20 years of professional mixing experience. Highly dedicated, experienced and creative. Delivering the highest standards in audio production. Session musicians are available for music accompaniment and recording, supporting singer-songwriters and musicians.




Jason Teo: 0417 016 544